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Oil Water Separation

Systems & Spill Remediation

1 liter of Oil pollutes 1.000.000 litres of Water

Accidents and oil spills that pollute our oceans, lakes and rivers happen every single day. Not every spill has the same extent than the catastrophic accident of Deepwater Horizon, however no matter the size of an oil spill, the contamination may have severe consequences. The damage from oil pollution is often running into millions of dollars. The recovery with conventional methods is not only a lengthy and costly process, very often aggressive chemicals are used to treat the oil mixture which are hazardous to our health.  


OWS Systems by Freylit remedy toil spills upto 90% faster than conventional technologies that are in use. This doesn't only save a lot of costs  - a fast treatment reduces the environmental damage dramatically. With our effective Oil Water Separation systems the outlet water can be disposed back into the sea, while the oil can be reused for its original purpose. 

OWS Separators are tested and conform

the European Norm EN 858, which suggests

an outlet oil concentration of below 5 mg/l.

90% faster & up to 50% more cost effective

In the event of an oil spill time is critical. The faster the spill can be controlled and remedied, the smaller the damage. Unfortunately long processes of raising the issue of responsibility and contracting third parties takes up a lot of valuable time.  Furthermore companies contracted with the clean up are benefitting financially from a longer cleanup process, which is why they don't have any interest in fast solutions. Long transportation and bearing times, and the costly treatment of the oil-water-mixture onshore makes an oil related accident to an economic nightmare. The companies who suffer most in these cases are insurance companies, who are usually completely overwhelmed with such an incident. 


OWS Systems offers a faster and more cost efficient solution for mobile spill remediation. 

Our versatile systems can be transported easily and can be stored onboard or in harbours to be ready for operation at any time.  The separation is purely mechanic and can be performed on the spot. While the oil can be recovered, the outlet water is so clean that it can be disposed back into the sea. No chemical treatment is needed. The immediate separation saves a lot of time and is more cost effective than any other method in the market. 

Outlet Water Quality conforms EU Norm
EN 858


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