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OWS Technology

State of the art Technology

The heart of our Oil-Water-Separators are packs of oleophilous, corrugated, coalescent plates.

The oil-water-mixture enters the plate packs through a pipe and continues to flow through wave structure. As soon as an oil droplet touches a plate it is separated from the water and adheres to the underside of the corrugated plate. It then travels up to the apex of the corrugation ridge, where it coalesces with other oil droplets until the pressure of gravity lets the oil escape into the next higher level through a small hole and the separation process repeats (see sketch below).

3 Step Cleaning Process

1. Inlet through skimmer
A special floating skimmer sucks all oil layers from the water surface even if they are very thin (oil streaks). The OWS pump transports the mixture to the plate packs

2. Separation

In the second step the oil is separated from the water in the plate packs section. This process can clean up to 1,800 litres of polluted water each minute.

3. Disposal

Through the separation process the effluent oil content is below 5 ppm, which makes it safe to discharge the cleaned water back into the ocean (see models below).